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Posted by: chakorules Saturday, Nov 06, 2004 07:05 pm
For about five years I have this sickness to do some crazy stuff at Halloween time. This year (2004) I decided to put up a website explaining what all I do and hopefully show the world how to have a good time at Halloween.

Posted by: RToddM Tuesday, Nov 08, 2005 09:26 pm
Hey Chakorules.....This is one awsome site....I've got a couple of AB PLCs around the house {a microLogix 1000 and a fixed point SLC} I've often thought about maybe some Christmas lights or something but halloween, now there is an idea!!! You rock {as usual}

Thanks and Later....Todd

Posted by: chakorules Wednesday, Nov 09, 2005 10:55 pm
It's an addication for that can't get out of hand quickly. I hope you checked out the VIDEOS in the downloads section.

Posted by: allfor1 Thursday, Jan 12, 2006 12:34 pm
tongue.gif Great Site! Thanks for the ideas.
I setup a display this year with some of your ideas. I don't have pictures, but I do have a video. I just need to get the video in a digital format.
I used the pop-up trash can, candy bowl blast and a the halagragh. It was great. I hope to add more next year.
I hope to incorporate some PLC stuff in Christmas 2006.
Have you seen the web site called Plant Christmas? Awsome light F/X.
Having troubles with your video downloads, they are not working.
Thanks again!

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